Here you can find articles related to measurement of porosity of paragliders, maintenance of Porozits and other interesting informations about paragliders. 

Convert Porozit results to into cmcm2/sec & litre/m2/sec

Many of you asked us how do we convert results measured by the Porozit N&N2 into cmcm2/sec & litre/m2/sec (pressure of 200 mm of water).

General informations about porosity of the paraglider materials

The material of the sail is a composite fabric made up of plastic fibre of various properties and thickness which is impregnated with additional synthetic materials after it has been woven…

How to replace the silicone sealing layers of your Porozit

In this article we explain step by step, how you can replace the silicone sealing layers on your Porozit with our silicone replacment kit.